Located to succeed
  • Mall is at the heart of Phase 4 of Bahria Orchard complex, which includes amenities including schools, cinemas and international hospital.
  • Close to affluent communities and large population, offering new market for major lifestyle brands.
  • Easy access from the widened Raiwand Road off Lahore Ring Road.
  • Safe, secure area, with CCTV coverage.
Designed to attract
  • 150,000 square feet with almost 100 shop spaces
  • Massive entry lobby for shows and events, including fashion runway modeling and more
  • Food court and creative play and recreation space for all ages.
  • Largest brand-name supermarket in area, and other anchor tenants on each floor.
  • Restaurants, cafes and other services.
  • Landmark style, easy parking, high-end ambience.

Built for sustainability
  • Oriented to maximize energy conservation
  • Insulated to enable efficient comfort
  • Water-saving, solar power and recycling features

Giving you brand power
  • Expert assistance in acquiring franchises and leasing.
  • Brand promotion support.
  • Be part of a retail/service brand, as landlord or franchisee, or establish your own brand here.
  • Become a part of the Orchard Mall brand.

Offered for your best return
  • Capital growth on a secure land-based asset, plus
  • Guaranteed rental income, with possible ROI beyond 10%
  • Experienced shopping centre management team

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